New Model Kream

What it do y’all? Woooo Weee, we got a new booty on the scene. This is the biggest booty we’ve shot so far…she is representing with 57 1/2 inches of hips and ass. Shit it might be 58′ because the tape was over the 1/2 mark. I’ll have to run the measuring tape back around her. Either way she is WELL over 50 Inches! I don’t know about y’all but I loves me a sexy redbone and she got hips & ass for days… Straight the fuck up! That’s all I’m going to say. You can see for yourself!!! Members Enjoy! If you don’t already have a membership to our site. Stop playing with your emotions and go ahead and cop one today. You’ll thank me for the advice later. Click here to JOIN TODAY

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4 Responses to “New Model Kream”

  1. thomas woods Says:

    Kream is exactly that, creme of the crop. Her body personafies what ur site exhibits. Miraculous thickness and shape. Tantalizing form and vuloptuousness. Dynamic individual beauty and sexiness. She is inviting from her hairdo and smile to her full hips and gorgeous rear 2 her thick creamy soles. Definitely and unforgettable up and coming star for the site. She can respond 2 my comments through my email address. You guys keep it up.

  2. jerseyboy Says:

    a phenomonal and exceptionally immaculate model of thickness. from her remarkable hairdo and smile 2 her scrumptious hips and rearview to her thick meaty creamy looking soles. she personifies what the site is all about showcasing. she’s a spectacular model and hope you do more work with her.

  3. wallbanger2 Says:

    kream is a dream come true a man would love a woman like her

  4. Mr.RapJunkie Says:

    There’s no woman like that where I’m from. Kream is the real deal. No where else will find a sexy,thick, woman, with the hips and ass of Kream.She needs her own website, if she don’t all ready.

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