Chyna Phat

Chyna Phat - What’s good? It’s that time again… We got mad requests to drop another set from Chyna Phat. So we had to give the people what they wanted. I don’t blame y’all either because thats a big ole booty she got! For those who don’t know… Chyna’s measurements are 38-35-50 and she’s carrying it pretty damn good!

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3 Responses to “Chyna Phat”

  1. thomas woods Says:

    Another model with a spectacular figure and sensuous ora that keeps a dude looking. The definition in her cheeks is a dream for those who like 50inchesorbetter. Her attention 2 her details will keep her a fan fav. Feeling her style.

  2. gelignyt Says:

    i love this momy seeing dat booty makes me cry i love her booty… jst want 2 taste it.. love u…

  3. wallbanger2 Says:

    i love her to death i want a woman like that she bring joy to her home an hubby i will take a woman like that over any woman anytime

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