New Big Booty Judii

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New Model SuPer ThIck 62′ Inch Ass!

hat’s good folks & Happy New Year! We’re kicking off the new year with a big ol’ butt… 62′ Inches. She’s one of our new models so please Click Here to drop your comments & rate the booty. Not a member yet? Click Here to get instant access so you can appreciate the site.

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Big Booty Chyna Redd


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New Model Peaches

What’s good big booty lovers? We have a new 50 incher on deck, she goes by the name of Peaches. She is 58 inches of all hips & ass “50 inches or better certified!” This is her 1st shoot period so we would like to know what yall think of her. Comment & Rate Here. JOIN NOW.

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Booty Vs Booty

Hey what’s good yall? We have 2 thick & curvy ladies here and they are Donk’d out no doubt! What we’re curious to know is which on of these ladies would you pick if you had to just choose one? It’s damn sure a good line up and a hard one to decide on but let’s have a lor fun and go for it! Click the photo or click here to vote.

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Bootylicious –

What’s good, we hooked up with Bootylicious over the weekend to bring yall this Bootylicious update. All I can say is Good Googla Moogla!!! If you have eyes you can see exactly what we’re talking about. Shorty is bang’n from head to toe, 4real-4real! Comment here and Download here.

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Stackz Trying to Hula Hoop With All That Booty

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